Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Has Frank Zappa ever been to Helsinki?

Helsinki, January 2012.

The atmosphere someone might think that the brilliant director Kurismaki tries to evoke in his films is pretty loyal to reality. The waiting area at Gatwick Airport talked to me more than any other human being around. It could well be the perfect potential set for his next film. Like a shooting star, the first welcoming warning: 'DON"T EAT THE YELLOW SNOW!', was a clear manifestation of the gritty dark humor of its population. And the lyrics of Zappa' s homonymous song transported me elsewhere. Thankfully quite a way from the yellow snow...

Most intriguing of all the experience was surely the Finnish Tango that has as little to do with Tango as the connections between Rock n' Roll and Flamenco. Local Leningrad Cowboys who are waiting to dance with the few but confidently keen female volunteers sitting and drinking in the low light. And the show must go on in the warm and mellow low lights of a Finnish saloon.

...I wonder

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